Operation FreeSoul

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operation freesoul is...

Update: Now has t-shirts available on Amazon!

Funded by the City of Sacramento's Creative Economy Pilot Project, this program is made to mentor youth spoken word artists on the business side of the arts, and help further the careers of young artists. In this program, artists learn how to put together their show, contact venues, analyze their own work, sell merchandise, and be paid professionals for all-of-the-above.

Each member is given their own merchandise, as well as a cut of each performance and a stipend for performing.

The name "Operation FreeSoul" comes from the program that brought my father from Cuba, "Operation Pedro Pan", which brought post-revolution children to the United States to educate them and keep them away from the chaos that comes from a changing regime.

There are three artists chosen for this project - Alex Cuevas, Khalypso, and King. These three are creating their own shows, with their own spoken word poems, and are being put in venues chosen by each performer.

Stay tuned for more.